Sunday, November 22, 2015

Berlin Weekend

This past weekend Rachel and I went to Berlin. We went with two teachers from Anne Frank and their families. We had a lot of fun!

Touring Berlin with these families was the best way to see the city. Not only did they tell us about the history of the city but they told us their own personal stories. It was very interesting to hear about their experiences in Berlin during the Cold War when Berlin was divided. This gave us an insight that we would not have gotten touring the city by ourselves or with a tour guide. 

Unfortunaly, most of my photos are on my camera and I forgot to bring the cord to connect it to the computer. I do have a few photos on my phone to show. 

Berlin Cathedral

Jewish Synagogue

Anne Frank mural

A Berlin Christmas Market

Reichstag (German Parliament building) 

German Parliament meeting room 

Inside Reichstag dome

Berlin skyline

Part of Berlin Wall 

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