Monday, November 16, 2015

My First Weekend

My first weekend in Germany was very eventful! On Friday, I went with my host mom Ina to the stables. There she has a horse named Aragon. It was so beautiful there! The stables are older than in the USA. 

At the stables

On Saturday, I went with Ina and my host brothers (Jan and Marc) to a soccer or football tournament at their local "football pitch." This was a great cultural experience for me to see how important football is to the German culture. I also ate my first official brautwurst. 

Then we went to Schloss Nordkirchen. The house is nicknamed "Little Versailles." We only walked around the outside of the house. However, the house and gardens were all very beautiful. I went to Versailles in Paris two years ago, I can see the resemblance between the two. Hopefully, Ina and I will go back to tour the inside. 

On Sunday, Ina, Rachel, Gerd (Ina's boyfriend) and I went to the Besucherzentrum Ruhr (Ruhr Museum) in Essen. The museum was about the Ruhr region of Germany. The museum is in an old coal processing factory. The museum was very interesting in how the old machinery from the processing factory were still kept and incorporated into the museum. 

View of Essen from the top of the museum. 

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